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As Eye See It

I am photographer Tara Krauss, and I own and operate As Eye See It located in Parker, Colorado, just south of the Denver metro area.  My studio-style of headshot photography is clean, minimal and modern.  I believe the emphasis to conveying your image and brand is through your expression and not distracting props or backgrounds. I would love to create a headshot for you that authentically represents you.  Every image that comes out of my studio is immaculately retouched ensuring that it is done tastefully and not overdone. You will look like you on your best day!


Your first

In this fast-paced, social media world we live in, do you realize how quickly your image is viewed, and well, honestly, judged?  At a glance, what does your current profile picture say about you?  For your sake, I'm hoping it says, "Wow, this person looks very confident and approachable!"  Does your image leave the viewer wanting to hire you or work with you?  Does your trustworthiness shine through in your eyes?  Your friendliness in your smile?  Or, on the flip side of that coin, does your image convey that you didn't put much thought into the photo you used or how you acquired it? Does that then tell the viewer that other things are simply more important to you than presenting yourself in the best possible manner?  If you don't present yourself in your best possible way, does that emit faith that you'll represent others any better than yourself?  Could this impression then trickle down into the assumptions made about the quality of work or service that you provide?  Don't leave this first, momentary impression to chance.  Let's work together to create an image that will leave no doubt as to just how amazing you are.

Studio Headshot Session Rates



2 Hour Studio Session
5+ Looks
Online Proofing Gallery
3 Retouched Images


90 Minute Studio Session
3-4 Looks
Online Proofing Gallery
2 Retouched Images


45 Minute Studio Session
2 Looks
Instant Image Review
1 Retouched Image

 *  Additional images may be purchased for $75 per image at any level. * 

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As Eye See It Studio in Parker, Colorado


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The As Eye See It Studio is located in Parker, Colorado, just south of the Denver metro.  It has all of the comfort and privacy of home with all of the equipment and convenience of a high-end studio.


Proud Member
of the
Headshot Crew

Do you know the old adage that if you want to be the best then surround yourself with the best?  That is exactly what I have done.  I am proud to be a member of the Headshot Crew, an international headshot photography network led by NYC-based headshot photographer Peter Hurley. I have formed invaluable relationships with the best headshot photographers around the world.  My ongoing training from Peter Hurley keeps me at the top of my game and brings these skills to you here locally in Parker, Colorado.  This amazing crew is nothing short of phenomenal.  My career and my life is so much fuller because of these people and my experiences with them.  Want to check out what we're about?  www.headshotcrew.com  

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"I went to Tara, the owner of As Eye See It, for a professional headshot, to be used on my new business website. I wanted a no-drama, polished photo that accurately represented who I am in the business world. She responded within minutes, and gave me exactly what I needed, with lots of very cool, effective, and practical tips for looking my best. She made the whole experience comfortable and fun--actually fun. I was so happy with the end result that I bought more than one photo. I highly recommend Tara for your professional headshot. Thank you, Tara!" -- Michele E.

"I was in need of new professional head shots for an important event on short notice. Tara was the first to respond to my request, was able to accommodate my crazy travel schedule and processed me quickly. She uses state of the art equipment and knows lighting better than anyone I have ever worked with. She is a delightful person and fun to work with while also being exceptionally professional. As a rule, I do not make testimonials, but Tara is an exception due to her mastery of her craft." -- Doug S.

"I knew I needed new head shots, but I was dragging my feet because the whole idea seemed so daunting and I was worried about how they would turn out. So I was just using images taken on my phone and thinking they were good enough. Big mistake! There is a HUGE difference between ordinary photos and head shots taken by an expert. Tara is an expert and it shows in the quality of her photos as well as in the ease of experience. If you're reluctant and afraid, as I was, put yourself in Tara's capable hands. You will have fun in the studio and you'll leave with some great shots you can feel proud of and use to move your business forward. Wholeheartedly recommend!" -- Kelly H.

"Tara clearly loves what she does. She has a rare talent for capturing images of the moment. She is excellent and I highly recommend Tara's services for your next photo session. Not only is Tara very professional, but she is an outstanding person that you will find yourself very relaxed with." -- Dr. S.

"The (headshot) images far surpassed my expectations.  I've never had professional photos taken for work, and they really turned out beautiful and not even remotely boring like most!  I would absolutely refer her to my closest friend." -- Denise H.

"I reached out to Tara when I decided to get some professional photos both for website, business cards, etc for my real estate business as well as in preparation for transitioning from the military. She was very accommodating to my schedule and her communication was very comprehensive. Tara did a great job of inquiring what look I was going for as well as providing her own professional advice. The final product is just what I was looking for and you can't beat the military discount!" -- Marcus L.

"I was very comfortable and she made me laugh and feel at ease and we definitely got great head shots for my book.  Tara is easy to work with and her quiet demeanor helps you feel comfortable and not pressured when taking photos. She has a strong work ethic and is dedicated to making the photos yours and is always willing to listen to meet your needs. She does a beautiful job picking the best photos and editing them to provide you with the best compilation of your photo shoot." -- Britt F.

"I liked all the direction she gave during the session it made it easy to get a good picture.  And, she was really willing to work with me on what I wanted." -- Amy L.

She has a rare talent, a great eye and I couldn't be more grateful for how much time and work she's put into the session, the editing and presentation." -- Dawn M.

"Tara does everything possible to accommodate your needs.  (I) enjoyed the convenience of and (her) willingness to work within tight timeframes." -- Sharon S.

"Tara is an amazing photographer and has done headshots, maternity photos, family photos and newborn photos for me. Her work is professional and as someone who has modeled for 15 years I am impressed with her work.  Tara and I have had 5 photo shoots together and all of them have been great and a different experience each time. All my experiences with Tara have been great.  " -- Britt F.

"She was easy to work with, super fast and flexible with our availability. " -- Robin B.